Together We Stand

Our desire is to show the love of Jesus in the Freeport area. If you can stand with us in that mission, we welcome your help! If you need help yourself, please send us a prayer request through the link above.

Believe in Each Other

The Madonna Renewal Center will be nondenominational, and will be a way our entire city can make a difference in the lives of young women. Please support us by attending and/or promoting our fundraising events and methods. Instead of a Catholic vision or a Baptist vision, let us join together for a Freeport vision!

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To make this vision a reality, we will need funds and materials. Below you’ll find a link to our GoFundMe page, a link to a direct donation form and our mailing address if you would prefer to send a check. Direct donations are especially helpful and convenient because you can set up a recurring donation and know you’re funding the mission on a regular basis. If you’d like to have some fun, check out our Events page and attend one of the many fundraising events where we engage with the community and share the joy of fellowship.


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