Go Fund Me is here!


The Madonna Renewal Center is now excited to announce that we have a Go Fund Me account. We are on our way to more opportunities for those who would like to donate to our cause to help women in need. This is from our beautiful website from Gofundme. It has a great video and explanation of what this campaign is for.

We thank you for the generosity of those who have already given. For those who have not yet had the chance, we thank you for considering us. We hope that you can help us help these women. Without your generosity, we could not do God’s work. God bless you!



Motivated by love, the Madonna Renewal Center will empower pregnant women who carry their babies to term but struggle with the tough decision and challenges of unprepared motherhood, and their child in need by upholding self-worth and teaching them to love and cherish life; in accordance with the Charism of Immaculate Heart Sisters and the teachings of the Catholic Church. …

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